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In this article, we have got some best WhatsApp status ever for you. If you are looking for best WhatsApp status ever then you are at the right place. We have got some decent content for you. You are free to share these with friends, relatives, family, and others on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. These best WhatsApp status ever receive many likes and comments. These turn the weird lives into decent lives and prove to be an effective social media tonic for the depressed. These are able to change the lives of those who have made their lives miserable by ordinary Whatsapp status ever

Best WhatsApp status ever

  1. Learning Never Exhausts mind!
  2. Miseries and Troubles Are The Part Of Our Lives. No one is safe from them!
  3. Success Comes To Those Who Fail And fail But Never Lose Hope And Enthusiasm!
  4. If you Cannot Do Great Things Then Do Small Things In A Great Way!
  5. Gravity Is Not Responsible For Falling In Love!
  6. Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom!
  7. Knowledge Is Power!
  8. Happiness And SmartWork Are The Key Of Success!
  9. I Haven’t Failed But I Discovered Some Ways That  Are Not Meant For Me! Something Else Is Meant For Me!
  10. Be THe First To Do The New!
  11. One Needs Tio Get Started To Go Ahead!
  12. Only You Can Change Your Life, No One Will Do It For You!
  13. Failure Will Never Overtake Strong Deduction To Succeed!
  14. Past Can Never Be Changed But Future Can be Made By Choice!
  15. Impossible Seems Very Hard Only Up to It Is Done!

Best WhatsApp status ever

  1. Never, Never And Never  Give Up!
  2. As You Sow So Shall You Reap!
  3. Problems Are Guidelines!
  4. Use Whatever You Have!
  5. Well Done Is Better Than Well Said!
  6. Aim To Reach The Moon. Don’t Worry If You Can’t Reach You Will Fall Among The Stars!
  7. Apply What You Know- That Is The Actual Knowledge!
  8. Things Never Happen, They Are Made To Happen!
  9. Believe Is The First Pillar Of Success!
  10. Exit From Somewhere Is The Entry InTo Somewhere New!
  11. After Storm Passes There Is The Calm. So Save Yourself In Storm!
  12. Whenever You Quit, It Is Always Too Early.
  13. People usually Quit Before The Moment Magic Is Going To Happen!
  14. When You Have Faith You Have Strength And Everything Is Possible!
  15. A Problem Is A Chance For You To Do Best!
  16. Inspire Before You Expire!
  17. I Have No Special Talent, But I To Hungry To Develop nOne!
  18. The Difference Between A Successful And Unsuccessful Person Is Not A Lack Of Knowledge Or Lack Of Strength But Lack Of Will!
  19. Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit! That Is The Real Difference!
  20. Money Is Happiness But When It Is Used For Needy!
  21. The Biggest Mistake You Make After Every Mistake Is That You Do Not Learn From The Mistake!
  22. Do What You Can Do With What You Have!

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