Whatsapp Chutkule In Hindi | English-Whatsapp Chutkule

Today in this article we write some Whatsapp Chutkule{jokes}. We know the life has become very busy and depressed for the new generation. Despite living in a computer era present generation is feeling depression due to a busy life. For these friends, we have collected some funny WhatsApp Chutkule. Let’s go to them directly:   Whatsapp Chutkule It Is Ok if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste! मुझे लंबी सैर पसंद है, खासकर जब उन्हें उन लोगों द्वारा लिया जाता है जो मुझे परेशान करते हैं। The best…

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Funny Status Hindi for Whatsapp-Funny Status

funny status hindi

This article is all about funny status Hindi. Knowing a Cheerful Heart Is A Good Medicine, I decided to make you laugh with some funny stuff. After all research and hard work, I collected the following funny content for you. Here is funny status hindi stuff for you-enjoy it. Meree baat dhyaan se sun, agar too mujhe na mil gaya to main maranga, par kisee aur par. Dosto kadar karo hamaaree varana girlfriaind utha le jaenge tumhaaree. Humain dedo- Kya? Humain Dedo-Kya? Apni Girl friend. Subah-subah phesabuk, tvitar aur vhatsep par 3-4…

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