50+ Updated Love status (Status love) for Facebook Whatsapp

status love

50+ Updated Love status (Status love) for Facebook & Whatsapp The word love is simple to say but when it comes to its definition, it is very complicated. You can’t describe it so simply. You feel short of words every time you try to describe it. This is not happening just with you. It is the story of every person. Now, how you can one share his feelings of love, hurt of love or emotions of love. In this case, love status (status love) help you. These are short sentences…

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Punjabi Status About Love-Attitude-Sad-Yaari 2019 special

Punjabi Status About Love-Attitude-Sad-Yaari is here for you.  The Punjabi language is now a well-known language all over the globe. It has spread all over the globe from last decade. People love this language because it is quite interesting and easy to understand. When Punjabi people talk to each other, a non-Punjabi– looks delighted with the way Punjabi talk. The Internet world is also filled with this language. There are the great blogs in the Punjabi language that have millions of following. PunjabiKesari.com is one of the examples. The magnitude of…

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Whatsapp Statuses {Super 2019} About Attitude, love, funny & sad

Whatsapp statuses

WhatsApp Statuses that we all know are statuses that people use in their WhatsApp profiles. Everybody bears a WhatsApp status in his profile picture of Whatsapp. Having a great Whatsapp status these days is very important because it tells others who you are and which kind of an attitude you possess. It is a great way of sharing your ideas and information. Whatsapp is an android app that could be downloaded from the Play Store. After opening an account in it, one can configure his profile with best of the status called Whatsapp…

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Hindi Love Status-Cute, Sad, True Hindi Love Status


We have focused more on Hindi Love Status. This is the best collection of the  Hindi Love Status on the internet. Everyone is aware of the word love. Why can’t? It is the thing that everybody experiences on maturity. The affection towards ladies particularly towards pretty girls. It is not now the 19th-century love where one faced difficulties in proposing, sending messages and expressing festival greetings to their favorites but the 21st-century love where these things have become more simple, easy and secure. Thanks to the social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram…

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150+ All Love Status in English and Hindi for Whatsapp

all love status

All Love Status in both English and Hindi for Whatsapp Today the demand for Love status is very much increased as the youth want to express love with their partners, parents, and relatives through social media sites like Whatsapp and Facebook. For those people, we have a content that focuses on the topic of Love Status. Here we have written some extraordinary love status staff. You are free to share it. If your partner has left you for some reason, you can use this status to argue and motivate him/her.…

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Love Sms {Latest} That You Will Love To Read

Love Sms that you will love to read is here for you. Love Sms that you will love to read. You can SMS these to your loved ones and they will feel the intensity of your love. We know that to love somebody who is beautiful has become a craze over the globe. Some get it while some do not. Those who do not get it feel the pain. They don’t sleep well and dream of the girl only. Now how can they make this painless and impress the girl? All…

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True Love Status In Hindi-Awesome True Love Status

True Love Status In Hindi is what you are looking for. Friends that search for True Love Status In Hindi are at the right place. In this article, we have covered all great True love status in Hindi that is very impressive. If you share these with your friends and relatives on Whatsapp and Facebook, you would get more likes and comments. Our websites also provide Other love status–Facebook Status-Sad Statuses–Friendship Statuses and much more. Sacha Pyaar Kabi Marta Nahi. Pyaar Sacha Ho To Aur Zindagi Mai Kya Chahiyay. Agar Zindagi mai…

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[Awesome] Love Status Of All Time For Whatsapp-Love Whatsapp Status

love status

Love status is the status that helps us to draw our love feelings through words, sentences, and phrases. Everyone has a love in his/her life with either girl or boy, with either relative or nonrelative, with either son or daughter etc. But we require to define but sometimes we don’t get words for expressing, at that time we go for love statuses. In this article, there is a collection of awesome love Status Of All Time For Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an app used to share anything with close friends or relatives.…

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