Punjabi Status About Love-Attitude-Sad-Yaari 2019 special

Punjabi Status About Love-Attitude-Sad-Yaari is here for you.  The Punjabi language is now a well-known language all over the globe. It has spread all over the globe from last decade. People love this language because it is quite interesting and easy to understand. When Punjabi people talk to each other, a non-Punjabi– looks delighted with the way Punjabi talk. The Internet world is also filled with this language. There are the great blogs in the Punjabi language that have millions of following. PunjabiKesari.com is one of the examples. The magnitude of…

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Punjabi Sad Status-Sad Punjabi Status

Punjabi Sad Status

Are you looking for Punjabi Sad Status? If yes then you are the right place. This post contains some famous Punjabi Sad Status. Read them, share them and comment on them. Besides this you can get access to True Love Statuses, Best Friend Status and much more in this site freely. Parēśānī’ā tā bahuta nē jidagī ca para yakīna karī, tērē pi’āra jinā kisē nē taga nahī kītā. Vē tū jadōṁ gala karēṁ basa karēṁ vaira dī…. Asīṁ jadōṁ khaira magī! Magī tērī khaira dī. Hamārē daramiyāṁ kucha tō hai..Cāhē…

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Sad Status {New} For Whatsapp Facebook-Whatsapp sad status

hindi sad status

Sad status Article: Hello friends, in this article we would share some sad status with you. It is hard to forget someone who is very close to tour heart. The pain of the breakup is unbearable. So type your sad feelings and share with your friends through Facebook and Whatsapp. In this article, we have collected some sad statuses that may be similar to your feelings. Correlate them and Share. Life passes through different situations and in these situations a sad situation is often associated with life. During this phase,…

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