Whatsapp Status Pro: An Amazing Collection Of Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status Pro: An Amazing Collection Of Whatsapp Status


Whatsapp status pro

Whatsapp Status pro: Whatsapp is a social media app installed by billions of people worldwide. It has worldwide users. It is only compatible with Android smartphones.

Google App store is the site from where it can be downloaded in a smartphone. Open Whatsapp and register via your mobile number. Customize your profile and upload an attractive profile picture.

In the profile section of Whatsapp, we come across Whatsapp Status. This the line of words that define the person. So it should be very very attractive and interesting. It defines your feelings, mood, and situation. 

Whatsapp status helps you to make friends called WhatsApp friends. 

Take a look at the below very very interesting Whatsapp Status Pro and choose the best WhatsApp status for your Whapp Profile so that friends feel you, heed you and recognize you.

Whatsapp status pro is the collection of very amazing and interesting Whatsapp status.

Sub-topics included In Whatsapp status pro are:

  • Attitude Whatsapp Status
  • Love Whatsapp status
  • Funny Whatsapp Status
  • Friendship Whatsapp Status
  • Sad Whatsapp Status

The above 5 categories are best defined in this article.


          Attitude Whatsapp Status in English And Hindi

Attitude is what defines a person. So, having a perfect attitude make a person somewhat perfect, loving and influential. Whatsapp Status about attitude change one’s attitude to better.

whatsapp status pro

Let’s go with these:

  1. I am not lazy, I am on Energy Saving Mode.
  2. I cannot bear the people who Call me or Whatsapp me when my phone battery is 1%.
  3. Hug starts Love, kisses grow it and Tears Brake it.
  4. I don’t change, I only grew up!
  5. I often think, how my online friends will be informed of my death!
  6. Courage is the pearl in trouble!
  7. I wonder how life would have been without Whatsapp And Facebook!
  8. One thing I like about music is that it hits you but never gives you pain.
  9. To non-lover music is masti.   whatsapp status pro 
  10. To a crushed lover, music is the cure to pain, heart stabilizer and the revision of love!
  11. Progress is getting Better every day.
  12. Smile in front of the people who hate you. Your smile will kill them!
  13. No time for fake and negative people
  14. I will love you forever, But Conditions Apply!
  15. I don’t want perfect life but I want a Happier life.
  16. Be What You Want To Be Not What Others Want!
  17. Life Is Like Riding Bicycle, To Keep Balance, We Must Keep Moving!
  18. I am good enough person to forgive you but not too stupid to trust you again.
  19. Your words are like China phone. They have no guarantee.
  20. You should try to reach the moon, Don ‘t worry if you can’t, you will fall among the stars.


            Love Whatsapp status

Love Whatsapp Status are useful to different types of lovers. Personalize your Whatsapp Status with a beautiful Whatsapp Status about love. Here is the collection:

 whatsapp status pro

  1. A day without you is like climbing Mount Everest
  2. Every night in the dream, I am with you.
  3. The two busiest people in love find time for one another.
  4. What is love: Caring and thinking about someone you never talked to.
  5. In love: You Should not lie, You should not cheat and you should not make a promise that you cannot keep.
  6. It is not the bad moments of past that make you sad, but the gorgeous moments that you cannot bring them back!
  7. Never let MISUNDERSTANDING to come in between you and your lover.
  8. More loved and dare one’s hurt you the most!
  9. When I Look Towards The Stars All I Can Think Is You and Me Among The Stars!
  10. I love to cry in the rain because that is the time when no one hears my pain.
  11. Love if you really love her otherwise don’t play with her.
  12. Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Love So Much, Don’t Care Too Much Becoz that Too Much will Hurt you So Much.
  13. Accidents do happen and are hated the most, But I Thank The Accident Of Meeting You!
  14. The only thing that I can give is Too Much Love!
  15. My life starts with you, Move with you, and Finish with You! I Hope
  16. Khud Ko Samball Nahi Paogay Aus Din – Jis Din Zindagi Mai Mariy Kamee Paogay.
  17. There is no meter to measure love.
  18. Mujhe Meray Kal Kee Phikr Aaj Bee Nahi Hai Par- Tujhe Paanay Kee Khawahish Qayamat Tak Rahegi.
  19. Qismat Walay Hotay Hai Wo Log Jinhe Sacha Pyaar Milta Hai.
  20. Agar Doo Sachi Mohabbat Karnay Walay Ak Dooseray Sey Juda KiYay Jatai Hai Wo Doonu Ek Dooseray Ki Yaad Mai Fana Hojatay Hai.


                   Funny Whatsapp Status

Personalize you Whatsapp Status Profile with these funniest Whatsapp statuses. Here we go:

whatsapp status pro

  1. This is the start of the sentence you just finished reading!
  2. Sleep till you are hungry and eat till you are sleepy!
  3. Working with others is an opportunity to blame others!
  4. Who told air is free–Bring a pack of chips
  5. My wallet is like onion, brings tears in my eyes when i open it.
  6. Advice others, see their mistakes and learn.
  7. Meree baat dhyaan se sun, agar too mujhe na mil gaya to main maranga, par kisee aur par.
  8. Dosto kadar karo hamaaree varana girlfriaind utha le jaenge tumhaaree.
  9. Humain dedo- Kya? Humain Dedo-Kya? Apni Girl friend.
  10. Mainne to dil lagaaya tha vo to choona laga gaee.

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                    Friendship Whatsapp Status

Friends form an important part of our lives. Life with friends is tremendous. A life without friendship is like a vehicle without tires. Friends support us whenever we require. They aid us during a tough time and make life easier to live. They provide us with life-saving support. 


whatsapp status pro

Friendship is the mutual relationship of trust, cooperation, affection, and care. We rely on our friends more than on our close relatives.

Do you want to keep your status of Whatsapp about your friendship experience, friendship fakes, true friendship or fake friendship? Do you want to message your friends { Who left you} through WhatsApp status? If yes, here is the collection that will help you:

  1. That one friend who could care about is very rare.
  2. A minute misunderstanding should not kill your major friendship.
  3. A good friend will help you to come out from jail while a true friend will be the person sitting next o you in jail.
  4. Never forget the person who helped you when there was no one to help you.
  5. True friends detect your sorrows from your eyes-you can’t fool them!
  6. Friendship is a bond in which both happiness and sorrows are shared!
  7. True friends stand by you in toughest times.
  8. Friendship is a tall building standing on the base called Trust.
  9. The best way to kill an enemy is to make him a friend.
  10. Friendship is a cement holding the two very close.
  11. If you want to have a good friend in life, Then be yourself Best first.
  12. Often True friends help you more than your close relative’s help!
  13. A true friend Sees the First tear, Catches the 2nd and Stops the Third!
  14. To me, nothing is important when it is your birthday.
  15. Doost Ho Ya Parinda Ho Doonun Ko Aazad Chooddo 
            Loot Aayay To Tumhara, Na Loot Aayay Tumhara Kabhi Nahi Tha



               Sad Whatsapp Status

Are you happy or sad? You can’t answer because you are sometimes happy and sometimes sad.  We are extremely sorry that you are hurt by your boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives, family, and classmates. It happens to everyone. People leave you when you required them badly, it also hurts you and leaves you alone to move along. Sad WhatsApp status is the best choice\lines to choose and tell others about your pain. It gives a relief. People will join you on Whatsapp and Facebook when you share your pain and come up with the best pieces of advice and ideas for you to cure your pain.

whatsapp status pro


  1. Every time I trust the people, they show me why I shouldn’t.
  2. The pleasure of Love lasts a moment but pain of Love remains forever.
  3. I love tears because they heal my pain.
  4. You will never realize the value of what you have until the thing you have is no longer Yours!
  5. Be happy with what God has provided you! There is happiness.
  6. One of the hardest things to do is to delete old messages sent by GiRLFRIEND.
  7. I wish I had a delete button for my brain. I would delete all nuisance.
  8. It is very hard to see someone dare leaving alone when we required him the most.
  9. If people hate you, let them hate. It is their choice.
  10. Cry in front of your all relatives. Whosoever attempts you to not cry is your true relative others are so-called.

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