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Today we write about Best Status Lines in English for you. We have collected some amazing collection of Best Status Lines for you. I think you may get too excited after reading this page. Do you know statuses prove fuel in bringing your life on right track? We have some more awesome pages under the names Facebook Status, Hindi Attitude Status, Happy Birthday Best Friend Wishes, Punjabi Sad Status, Hindi Friendship StatusFunny Hindi statusTrue Love Status In HindiBest Attitude Status, Love Status, Good Night Status, New Sad Status, Latest Whatsapp Friendship Status, Nice Status and much more.

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Best Status Lines In English

  1. I am Not Lazy,  I Am Just on energy saving mode!
  2. People often Take Cigarettes While Thinking About Quitting Smoking!
  3. Silence is another word of pain!
  4. Sometimes I Am Not Angry But I Am Hurt!
  5. Sometimes I Won’t Take your Calls Because I am Busy With Another Call!
  6. Better To Remain Alone Than In a Confusing Relation!
  7. Go Into The Garden Of Education And Pluck The Flowers Of Success!
  8. Happy With What I Have Got!
  9. Bad Time Doesn’t Convert Into Good But Bad Time has To Be Converted Into Good!
  10. Empty Vessels MaKE Much More Noise!
  11. When Buffaloes Fight Crops Suffer!
  12. I Have Experiwencedsilebt People have Loudest Minds!
  13. Virginity Doesn’t Last Whether You Marry Or Not Becoz Life Fucks At Moments!
  14. I Always Dream Of Living A Luxurious Life Like My Uncle.. He Is Dreaming Too
  15. I May Not Be Perfect But I am Unique!

Best Status Lines In English | Status Lines

  1. Life Is Boring Without Kids!
  2. It Is Better To Be Alone Than In A Bad Company1
  3. Hurry Makes Curry!
  4. I follow My Own Orders Because I Am My Own Boss!
  5. Dear Facebook, Give Us The Enemy List Button!
  6. I cannot Explain Myself Because I Am Unexplainable!
  7. Respect Yourself You Will Be Respected!
  8. Stop Looking At My Attitude, Better You Built Your Own!
  9. Teachers Are The Builders And Destroyers Of The Nation. It Is up to them!
  10. At least Return A Small Thanks To God For His Blessings On You!
  11. Patience Is The Must Needed Tool In Life!
  12. The Most Painful Experience Of My Life Is — First Loved Than Hated!
  13. When You Stop Trying, You Are Real Failure!
  14. Learning Never Ends!
  15. I Can Explain Everything But Not Love!
  16. Guardian Are Also Like Parents!
  17. You Must Know NEVER GIVE UP!
  18. They Hate Me Because They Are Not Me!
  19. Dedicate Your Life To Poor, To God, You Are Richer!
  20. Never Promise! Sometimes We Cannot Keep Them!

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