Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch & Download Bollywood Movies 2019

  • Top 10+ Best Free Sites To Watch & Download Bollywood Movies 2019

Like me, you might be facing problems to find the best online sites to watch and download Bollywood movies in 2019.

I was also facing this problem initially. But after getting sick of too much search, I got some excellent site list which allows unlimited movie watch and download.

All these sites are easy to operate and handle.

Personally, I had a great experience of watching movies on these sites.

They have a feature of search which makes it easy to find a particular movie.

This is the site list to watch and download Bollywood movies 2019:

  1. Fleximovie

Fleximovie is a free website to download movies.  It gives access to both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The best feature of Fleximovie is that it provides dubbed Hollywood and Bollywood movies. All movies are usually subtitled in Hindi. In includes Action, Animated and horror movie catalog.

Fleximovie has a lot of best Bollywood movies to watch and download. It has some amazing features for finding the latest and the best.

download bollywood movies 2019
                 Fleximovie site homepage

It is easy to find the movie you are looking for.

Fleximovie: VISIT SITE

2. Besthdmovies


BestHdMovies is also a great website that gives access to movies. It is one of he best sites to download Hindi movies. The best feature of this site is that:

  1. It gives access to latest Hindi released movies.
  2. It is the best site where you can find the Hindi movies released decades ago. Thus old movies are preserved here.
download bollywood movies 2019
                  HOMEPAGE  BESTHDMOVIES 

Besthdmovies movies give regular updates about films.

BestHDMovies: Visit Site


3. Bollt2Tolly

Bolly2Tolly is also great content site.  It is one of the most famoues sites for downloading the latest movies. Bollt2Tolly also gives access to numerous TV Shows.

These TV Shows and Movies are available in English. Hindi, Telugo, Punjabi and other Indian Local languages.

download bollywood movies 2019
  Homopage Bolly2Tolly

Bollt2Tolly: Visit Site


4. SkyMovies


SkyMovies is a torrent website. 

It allows a high-definition free download of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Television shows can also be accessed and downloaded from the sky movies website.

The best feature of skymovies is that it allows download in formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP and other.

download bollywood movies 2019
 Sky Movies

It is a good source to watch and download movies and television shows.

5.Putlocker Mix

Another website is Putlocker Mix.

 Putlocker Mix. is a website that allows users to watch and download online movies and serials. 

It deals with Hollywood, Bollywood, War, Romance, Thriller and more.

Its facility that I like the most is that it includes newly released Bollywood and Hollywood movies quickly.

download bollywood movies 2019
                         Putlocker Homepage

It is my go-to site to watch Hindi Bollywood movies. It also has HD movie download option in addition to online streaming.

Put-locker: Visit Site


6. CiniSearch

Cinisearch is search engine dedicated for Movies and Tv serials. It gives you the best results for keywords related to movies and Serials.

It is a torrent site that gives you a free download of movies and serials.

download bollywood movies 2019

Users just have to put keyword of the serial or movie in the search bar and hit search to get the results.

Cini Search: Visit Site


7. Movies 365

Movies365 is a website with a large collection of Bollywood, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies and TV shows.

It also offers Hindi-dubbed Hollywood Movies.

download bollywood movies 2019

It also allows HDrip / DVDrip download of Hindi movies.

Movies365: Visit Site

8. BestHDMovies.Fun

This is also a top listed site in download facility. is an Indian website that offers download links for Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Download procedure is very easy.



It is a site from where you can download both Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

You can also watch Hindi-dubbed American serials for free.

download bollywood movies 2019


Kikass Torrents is popularly known as KAT. It is one of the oldest and powerful Torrent search site of the world. It offers serials, movies, music and also software.

download bollywood movies 2019


Kickass Torrents: Visit Site

We Indians are very fond of Hindi Bollywood and Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies. 

If you are ready to watch movies on your smartphone during traveling, in the bus, in the airplane etc, this is the best site list where you can get access online. 

On an average, the Indian citizen watches 2 hours of movie daily. We search in google with direct movie keyword. But that is not the wise search because you don’t get access to films directly.

What we have to do is we have to go to the sites listed above and then search for the particular movie.

You get the results and direct streaming is possible. Also, you can download the movie.




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