Friends Status {Top 300+} Best Ever In Hindi & English

friends status

Friends Status {Top 300+} Best Ever In Hindi & English

Friends Status: “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” 

Not all your friends are true friends but only some or only one is a real friend indeed. How you are going to react when you come to know about these fake friends. You need not fight with them but read these statuses about friends status and share with them. They will know what friendship means. Im this article we have collected some great and top Friends Status in both English and Hindi Language. Google gives you the top-ranked Friends Status when you search in. If you on our site for the first time, let’s aware you that we deal with some of the great

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Friends Status In English

friends status

  1. Best friends are tough to find, painful to leave and impossible to forget.
  2. A fake friend takes you from light to dark. Be watchful!
  3. Fake friends are like shadows, they remain with U in light and leave you in Dark.
  4. A true is someone who can do anything for you.
  5. Life is a miracle with friends!
  6. In life Love is temporary and friendship is forever!
  7. In the sea of friendship, there is no bitterness but only sweetness!
  8. There is no restriction in friendship-It can either be boy or girl!
  9. Never let your friends down in front of others, always company them in need!
  10. True friends detect your sorrows from your eyes-you can’t fool them!
  11. Friendship is a bond in which both happiness and sorrows are shared!
  12. I wish I could write your Birthday on sky this day- Happy Birthday to My Friend.
  13. You mean everything to me. Happy Birthday My Friend!
  14. May this birthday be ever beautiful in life.
  15. This day is so special for me and you, Guess Why? Bcoz this day is your Birthday and this day my best friend was born.

Awesome Friends Status

friends status

  1. The Way I see it is that you should live every day like your birthday.
  2. God bless me with True Friend.
  3. If you want to have a good friend in life, Then be yourself Best first.
  4. Friendship is not for sale!
  5. Happy Birthday To my one and only Friend.
  6. I cannot get a great friend like you! Happy Birthday!
  7. The sun may never shine brightly than you today- Happy Birthday.
  8. May these birthday candles make your life bright for the whole life- Happy Birthday!
  9. Can’t make a friend. Make Girlfriend.
  10. Don’t leave friends when they require you the most!
  11. In true friendship, distance doesn’t matter.
  12. Friends connect without phones by Friendship rays emitting from eyes, interpreted in mind and stored in Heart.

More Friends Status

  1. One mind in two bodies is Friendship.
  2. Life is awesome with friends!
  3. Never leave your friends alone. Always disturb them!
  4. I wish your life becomes sweeter than you think it will be- Happy birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday Dear, May this day comes a thousand times back in your life.
  6. Never think you are alone. I’m always with you- Happy Birthday!
  7. May misunderstanding never comes in our friendship- Happy Birthday!
  8. Clarity is important in true friendship.
  9. The decrease in griefs= Immediate effect of friendship.
  10. Friendship is like a ship that helps in crossing all hurdles of the road!
  11. I cannot fight all your Problems but I Promise I Will Not Let You Fight Them Alone!
  12. Friendship is like a building that stands on the base called TRUST.
  13. Often True friends help you more than your close relative’s help!
  14. A true friend Sees the First tear, Catches the 2nd and Stops the Third!
  15. Friendship strengths you to fight the problem.

Top Friends Status

friends status

  1. I don’t require the whole world, I only require One True Friend!
  2. Walking with a true friend in dark is better than walking alone in the light.
  3. Enemies sometimes become best friends!
  4. Today nothing is important to me than wishing Happy Birthday to my Friend.
  5. On this wonderful occasion, I wish you Happy Birthday and Welcome you to enjoy with me for coming 12 months.
  6. Think 1000times before you leave your friend.
  7. The true friend is never selfish.
  8. People with true friends are luckiest persons on earth.
  9. The base of the friendship is TRUST!
  10. May God bless you with life that gives you everything you need- Happy Birthday Friend.
  11. To me, nothing is important when it is your birthday.
  12. Sending your way a basket of wishes- Happy birthday to my dear friend.
  13. I wish I could snatch a star from the sky and present it to you on your Birthday.

Some Friends Status In English And Hindi- Mixed

friends status

  1. Iss Zameen Par Kuch B Is Qadar Keemty Nahi Jitni Ek Doostey Hoti Hai
  2. Mara Acha Doost Wo Hai Jo Mujmai Sirf Aachayiyan Talaaswh Karta Hai
  3. Doost Musibat Kee Ghari Mai Mohabbat Zahir Karta Hai Khushi Mai Nahi
  4. Ek Sacha Dost Wo Hota Hai Jo Tab Aata Hai Jab Baaqi Duniya Jaarahe Hoti Hai
  5. A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!
  6. Always love your friends from your heart, not from mood or situation.
  7. Help out your friend whenever he needs!
  8. Never Mistaken your friend.
  9. May God bless you with happiness and Joy on this birthday.
  10. I am grateful that you are the part of my life! Happy birthday to my friend!
  11. I would be by your side whenever you require me. Happy Birthday, Friend.
    • Andharey Mai Ek Sacha Dost K Saath Chalna Roshni Mai Akelay Chalney Sey Behtar Hai
    • Zinjdagi Ka Sab Sey Bada Toofa Sacha Dost Hai

    friends status

    • Aisay Doost Sey Haath Doo Lena Behtar Hai 

            Jo Teray Dushmanon K Saath Baithta Ho

  12. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday My Friend- You deserve all the love, cakes, and hugs. Enjoy.
  13. May God give all that you want in life, My friend. Happy Birthday  To You.
  14. I feel your birthday is like my birthday.
  • Doost Ho Ya Parinda Ho Doonun Ko Aazad Chooddo 
  •         Loot Aayay To Tumhara , Na Loot Aayay Tumhara Kabhi Nahi Tha
  • Aachay Waqt Sey Zyaada Aacha Doost Aaziz Rakho Kyonki

        Aacha Doost Buray Waqt Ko B Aacha Bana Deta Hai

Gorgeous Status

friends status

  1. Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, not an Opportunity.
  2. Never Let Misunderstanding Kill your Friendship.
  3. True Friends Do Not Qualify All Your Tests- So Do Not Overtest Your True Friend!
  4. Forget all those who stood by your side when you were powerful and wealthy and remember the one who was with you when you were weak and poor– Usually they are true friends!
  5. Be sure you have a true friend before loving any girl-They are most helpful in this case!
  6. Friendship is not a big thing-It is a million little things!
  7. Look into the notebooks of your true friend-They often are decorated by your name!
  8. A true friend says good things about you in front of others!
  9. A true is someone who tells you the truth even if you don’t want to listen!
  • Doost Ko Dowlat Kee Nigha Say Mat Dekho Kyonki

        Wafa Karnay Walay Dost Aksar Ghareeb Hotey Hai

  • Agar Doosti Ka Rishta Na Bana Hota To Insaan Kabi Yaqeen Na Karta 

        Ki Ajnabi Log Apnon Sey B Zyaada Pyaaray Hosaktey Hai

Friends status continue

friends status

  • Jo Tumhari Khamoshi Sey Tumhari Takleef Ka Andaza Na Kar Sakey 

        Aus K Samnay Lafzon Sey Izhaar Karna Lafzon Ko Zaaya Karna Hai

  • Jo Shahkhez Tumhara Gusa Bardaasht Karley Aur Saabit Qadam Rahay 

       Too Wo Tumhara Sacha Doost Hai

  1. Always love your friends by heart, not by need!
  2. Friendship is the most valuable and priceless gift in the world!
  3. Friendship is not about whom you know longer but it is about who came and never let you alone!
  4. People usually go to priests, ashrams, I go to my friend!
    • Jo Zaara See Baat Par Doost Na Rahay Wo Doost Tha He Nahi

              Jis Ko Aisey Doost Kee Talaash Ho Jis Mai Koi Khami Na Ho 


             To Usay Doost Kabhi Milta Hee Nahi

    • Har Aus Doosty Par Barusa Karo Jo Mushkil Mai Tumharay Kaam Aaya Ho
    • Aacha Doost Wahi Hai Jo Mahfil Mai Galtiyon Par Parda Daalay

            Aur Tanhayai Mai Galtiyon Par Doost Ko Samjayey

    Life is better with friends. You might be pleasured after reading friends status. After reading these friends status, you may have come to know how beautiful true friends are. Always value your friends, be their company because they expect you. If you felt this content well then do share it with your friends and relatives. Whatsapp and Facebook have become top social media sites. You can share links through them. Everybody will know how great, it is to have a best friend. How important role they play in life. They divide the sorrow and multiply the happiness. Hope you enjoyed this edition of Friends Status.



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