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Welcome to good night quotes article published on published for all those friends who want to sleep after wishing their friends with beautiful Good Night Quote. Everybody have dear ones in this world and they stay connected with these dear ones through Social Media. This site is the complete hub of Whatsapp statuses, Sad statuses, friendship status emotional and much more.

good night quotes

  1. You are the Only thing that I think before sleep.
  2. Good night my dear life!
  3. Wish your dear ones goodnight every night who knows who will wake again.
  4. You met you in dreams more often.
  5. Sleeping gives you time to think nothing.
  6. After sleep comes, You are the only one I met more often.
  7. The sun and the moon die for each other!
  8. End of a very Cruel day is a night.
  9. An ending means something new has to start.
  10. Stars shine in darkness only.
  11. Say goodnight to your troubles.
  12. Think positive you will dream positive and Get positive.
  13. Just believe the other day is going to0 be very special for you.
  14. Forget about all the anger at sleep, you developed during the day.
  15. Every day you can start a new life.
  16. Good Night Quotes

  17. Every night you can bury your bad experience.
  18. You are so beautiful that every night sleep gets attracted to you.
  19. The night is the reason you see a day.
  20. Early to sleep, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  21. I cannot sleep until you say good night.
  22. Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety and depression.
  23. Enjoy your nighty with a smooth sleep.
  24. If you see horror dreams during the night, this only means that you are strong enough to face fears.
  25. At night your silent mode gets activated.
  26. Don’t be sad at night because the day that made you sad has died, became past, and expect a better tomorrow.
  27. If you are insulted during the day, all you need to do is to wait for the night and say goodnight to insult.

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