[Awesome] Life Status For Whatsapp In English And Hindi

life status

Life Status is what we are going to target in this article. This article contains all great life status that one can share with friends. Friends who want to realize the true definition of life through Life Status are at better place. Besides we have a super collection of Facebook Statuses For You, Happy Birthday Status,  Sad Status and Much more. If you are interested then you can click and visit the same. These statuses have proven to change the life of millions of people. You can also share them with friends on Whatsapp and Facebook.

life status


  1. I Don’t Want A Perfect Life I Want A Happier Life!
  2. Life Is Awesome!
  3. Enjoy Life Today-Yesterday Is Gone-And Tomorrow May Never Come!
  4. Life Is All About Doing Better For Everyone!
  5. Life Is A Story- So Make It Interesting And Influential.
  6. Hard work Is Never Lost.
  7. Tomorrow Is Another Chance To Change Life!
  8. Life Is Simple But We Ourself Make It Complicated!
  9. Life Is One Time Gift Keep It Safe!
  10. Every life Has An End!
  11. Life Is One Time Offer!
  12. Do What You Love To Do In Life- You Will Not Get It Again!
  13. Life Is Like Bicycle, To Keep Maintain Balance You Must Keep Moving!
  14. It Is very Easy To Say BUSY When Someone Needs You But It Very Painful To Hear BUSY When You Need Someone.
  15. Weak People Believe In Revenge While Strong People Believe In Forgiving!

Life Status For Whatsapp

  1. We Are Born To Live Not To Survive!
  2. If You Want To Live A Happy Life Then Tie It To A Goal Not To People Or Objects!
  3. People’s Taste Vary- Some Are Happy In Loneliness But Others Die In Loneliness!
  4. Hello, Listen To Me: Refresh Your Mind- Delete All Your Problems-Undo All Mistakes And Save The Happy Moments!
  5. There Is Nothing Good Or Bad But Thinking Makes It So!
  6. Love Is Only A Part Of Your Life- Besides This There Is Much.
  7. TRUST is A five Alphabet Word-It Takes No Rubber To Erase When You Brake it!
  8. It Only Takes One Person To Change Your life!
  9. Forget All Bad Things About Day Remember The Happy Moments!
  10. Sometimes The Wrong Person Give Good Lessons!
  11. Success Is The Outcome Of Small Smart Steps and Failure Is The Outcome Of Large Unnecessary Efforts!

Some More Life Status

  1. You Were Given This Kind Of Life Because Only You Had Guts To Live It!
  2. You Are Not Satisfied Because You Count Other’s Blessings Not Your’s!
  3. In The End, People Will Judge You Anyway- So Don’t Waste Your Time In Impressing Others.
  4. Anyone Can Make You Happy By Doing Something Special But Only Someone Special Will Make You Happy By Doing Nothing!
  5. Don’t Judge People By Hearing To Others-Judge People When You Know Them Correctly.
  6. The Hardest Thing In Life Is To Smile In Front Of The Others When You Are Absolutely Sad Inside!
  7. Be Thankful To Hard Times Of Your Life Because It Is They Who Have Reshaped Your Life Into A Person What You Are Today!
  8. Life Is An Exam, Whosoever Tries To Copy Others Fails!
  9. Rule To Change Life: You May Lose Something Good But You May Get Something Better!

So Here was the list of amazing life status for you. You Can Share them with your friends On Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the largest social media platform where people share these Life statuses and Get millions of likes and Shares.


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