Love Messages | Love Sms In English & Hindi 2019 Special

love messages

Love SMS | Love Messages are the special text lines that everyone wants to share with their lovers. When a boy|Girl has warm feelings for the Boy|Girl, they are said to be in love. After one has warm feelings for the other, what he needs to do? He|she needs to propose her or him. How will he?

love messages

There are various ways of proposing. Face to face proposing is very hard because you don’t know what will be the reaction. For the guys who don’t propose directly, should take advantage of Love Sms|Love Messages. These are the text lines that define your love.

We know all of you feel for the other but still, you are fearing to propose. Why?. It has become easier now to propose with the help of love Sms|Love Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Here is the best collection of Love Sms|Love Messages in English & Hindi special 2019. We have covered both languages in the article. Whichever language you prefer, you can note and share.

Love Sms | Love Messages In English & Hindi 2019 Special

love messages

                                                                           Part 1 Of Love Messages

  1. “Love is like a rubber held and stretched by two hands—-When one leaves it hurts other”
  2. ‘Mat Chaho Kisi Ko Itna Ki Baad Mai Rona Parey                                       Kyonki Yeh Duniya Dil Sey Nahi Zaroorat Sey Pyaar Karti Hai’
  3. “Hate me for what i am, but don’t love me for what i am not”
  4. Kabi Kisay Sey Itni Umeed Na Rakhna                                                          Ki  Umeed Key Saath Khud B Toot Jae
  5. Don’t love too much when in doubt, becoz that too much may hurt you soo much”
  6. “Jab Koi Dil Dukhayay To Chup Rehna Chahiyay Kyonki
      Jinay Hum Jawab Nahi Detey Unay Waqt Jawab Deta Hai”
  7. “All i want is to be your first thought in the morning and the last call at night”
  8. “I wish we live together, enjoy together and then die together”
  9. Love the person who suffers without you—Don’t love the person who enjoys with you”
  10. Duniya Mai Aisay Log Miltay Hai
     Jiney Hum Pa Nahi Saktey Sirf Cha Saktey Hai                                                               love messages
  11. “My relation with you is like That Of Flower and Fragrance”
  12. “If you hurt me everyday I would Forgive you Everytime                                    But if You Leave me for a second, I Will never Forgive you even once”
  13. “Khubsurati Tou Khatam Aur Tabdeel Hoti Hai
          Seerat Na To Khatam Hoti Hai Na Tabdeel”
  14. “Sometimes Life gets better with love”
  15. “My attraction towards you is like moth and light”

love messages

                                          Part 2

  1.  “I need you like a heart needs beat”
  2. When I am alone: I think  You                                                                    When I dream: I dream you                                                                      When i Imagine: I Imagine you                                                                  This Means, I Live: Only because Of you”
  3.  “For me, There are 2 Paradise—- One  in the life after here & one in your arms”
  4. “Love is all about what you feel”      
  5. “After I saw you first I have been unwell—- Doctor prescribed me “Vitamin YOU” — Will you become my Vitamin”
  6. “I feel proud when I think you are the only mine”
  7. “You are my favorite person “
  8. “God Has written you in my life—- I wish you stay in it till God writes my last chapter”
  9. We often left precious pearl of love by misjudging it”
  10. “In love——-Never Misjudge—Never Misunderstand—-They kill it”                                       love messages
  11. “By somehow in the thorns of my life, i have found a beautiful rose —–That is YOU”
  12. “I Want to live my dream of living with you—–Will you allow me’
  13. “I Don’t want to be your favorite one—–I Want to be your only one”
  14. “Kaash zindagi mai ek baar wo samajti ki                                                            Koi usay zindzgi samjkar jee raha hai”
  15. “I Can’t find a reason why life introduced me to you                                          Probably she knew that I could never live Without you”.                                                                                                                                                                    > You May Also Like 2019 special Whatsapp status

                      Cute Love Sms | Love messages 2019 special

love messages

Love is more about sharing your innermost feelings with your loved ones. Here are some more collection of Cute Love Sms | Love messages 2019 special:

  1. “At times I forget you only to realise how badly I need you”
  2. “Na rupiya, na maal, na dowlat kee agar mujhe kisee kee parwah hai to woh aap hoo”
  3. “I want to live with you in stars”
  4. “Na phone say—na love sms say —-na photo say—Dil ko sukoon aata hai sirf tujhe hug karnay say”
  5. “Waqt Tumko Batayahga Hum Kitnay Zarroori They”
  6. “Tum hum ko chode kar zindagi aansuwon say bari Lekin                                       Dua Karte He Aap ki Hansi Kabhi Na Ruke                                      Kyuki Aap ki Muskuraht K Diwane Hum B hai.”
  7. “If you smoke Cigarettes—-You will die 10 years earlier.                                 If you drink alcohol—-You will die 30 years earlier                                     But If you love someone ——— You will die daily”
  8. “Love was just a Word for me till I Heard I Love You from you”
  9. “The great thing about love is It Keeps you Busy”
  10. “Marta Hai Hum Par Bee Koi Yeh Hum Sooch Bee Nahi Saktay                  Chaday jo tum ko agar ab koi yeh hum bardash nahi kar saktay”
  11. Tamam Umer Tujhe Zindagi Ka Pyaar Milay Khuda Karay Khushi Tumko Baar Baar Milay
  12. “Love is just like a tall building which stands on a base called TRUST”                               love messages
  13. “Love is the name of the couple who— care each other—live for one another—-think of each other—dream of each other and always Die for each other”
  14. “Every time I start writing my love story—your name takes me to another world & the story remains there”
  15. Memories are strange that:                                                                           “They make you alone in the crowd & when you are Alone they surround you like a crowd”                                                                                                                  

               Part 2

  16. “A Day without you is like Mount Everest to climb”
  17. “You are the Beat of my Heart”
  18. “Three Things i want in a relationship are: The lips that won’t lie, Eyes that won’t cry and love that won’t die”                                                                         love messages
  19. “Beautiful girl won’t give you a beautiful future but Beautiful fture will give a beautiful girl”
  20. “When i call you means i am missing you, when i don’t pick your calls means i am in your dreams”
  21. “When someone asks me-How is your life? I tell them she is very fine”.
  22. “Whenever i look towards my keyboard—I Find  ‘U’ & ‘I’  always together”
  23. ‘Tamam Umer Usi Ki Khayal Mai Guzar Gay                                                      Jisay Tamam Umer Mera Khayal B na Aaya’
  24. “My life was like a Dark night before you—–If is bright now bcoz of you” 
  25. I came back for you becoz i couldn’t find the kind and humble I found you anywhere else”                                                                                                          >  We Have More For You—-Hindi Love Status

                          Special Love SMS & Messages —-2019 Special

love messages

Do you want to Sms love SMS \ Love messages with your beloved? Here we have got a special collection of love SMS and love messages. for you. She is going to feel your love and emotions after reading these love messages.

Just when you start missing your girl, you take your phone and start typing for her\him. Mostly you share love SMS. You require content for sending. Then you start searching about Love Sms | Love messages in Google. Google gives you the best of the results. is also available on google. You can search for it and start reading best Love sms and Love messages. Here we have some special Love SMS and Messages for you:

love messages

  1. “Maaf Baar Baar Karo Ma                                                                                  Aitibaar Ek Baar Karo”
  2. “When you stop dreaming —life ends-Hope ends— when you stop believing—Love ends —-When you stop caring”
  3. “Promises and memories: We break promises and Memories break us”
  4. “Mere Tanhayiyan Gawa Hai Iss Baat Kee Ki                                                       Tere Jaga Abhi Koi Nahi Ley Payaya”
  5. “All day I dream about you”                                                                       
  6. “Kuch To Khaas Hai Tere Yadoon Mai Warn!                                                     Har Baar Teri Zikr Par Ankhen Yon Nam Na HOTI”
  7. “I could not even think that you will become my life partner—You are unbelievable”                    
  8. “Love is a disease which is cured by marriage”                                                                    > Also Read: Friendship Status                                                   love messages
  9. “Beetay Lamhee Ki Yaad Ko Ko Sambhal Kar Rakhna                                           Hum Yaad To Aayangay Magar Loot Kar Nahi”
  10. “Bohut juda Hai Auron Sey Mere Dard Ki Kahani
       Zakhm Ka Koi Nishan Nahi Or Takleef Ke Koi Intiha Nahi”
  11. “Kabhi Kabhi Shikayat Karhey Sey Aacha Khamoosh Rehna Sahi Hota Hai
        Kyonki Jab Kisi Ko Faraq Nahi Padta To Shiqayat kise”
  12. “Tum Saath Thi Mere Tum Paas The Mere
        Wo Zindagi Ka Ek Din Ya Din Zidagi Thi Ek Din”
  13. “Hastey Huvey Charon Ko Gamon Sey Aazad Na Samjo
       Hazar Ghum Chupey Hotay Hai Har Muskaan Key Peecha”
  14. “Aankh Sey Giri Huvi Aanson Pyarr Ki Nishani Hai
        Samjo To Moti Hai, Naa Samjo To Paani Hai”
  15.  “Dard Dey Kar Mat Pooch Dard Ki Shidat
        Dard To Dard Hai Kya Thoda Aur Kya Kam”

                                 Heart-Touching Love Messages | Love Sms

    love messages 

  1. “Jis Shakhes Ko Tum Se Sache Mohabbat Ho
    Wo Tumko Fazool Aur Najayiz Kamon Se Rakay Ga”
  2. “Zindagi Ko Badalnay Mai Waqt Nahi Lagta
    Waqt Ko Badalney Mai Zindagi Lagjati Hai”
  3. “Duniya k Liyay Apni Akhirat Kharab Na Karo
    Kisi Insaan Ko Khush Karnay K Liyay Apney Rub Ko Naaraz Na Karo”
  4. “Jo Shakhez Tum Pey Gusaa B Karay Aur Taluk Be Ghatam Na Karey
    Tow Wo Buray Waqt Ma Tumhara Sab Sey Aacha Doost Hai”
  5. “Duniya k Liyay Apni Akhirat Kharab Na Karo
    Kisi Insaan Ko Khush Karnay K Liyay Apney Rub Ko Naaraz Na Karo”                                                         
  6. “Zubaan Ka Wazan Bohut Hee Halka Hai
    Lakin Bohut Kam Log Iss Sey Sambal Patey Hai”
  7. “Kisay Ko Tum Dil Sey Chaho Aur Wo Tumhari Kadar Na Karay
    Tou Yeh Aus Kee Badnaseebi Hai Tumhari Nahi”
  8. “Agar Ibadat Nahi Kar Saktey To
    Tou Guna Bee Na Karo”                                                                                                  

                         Part 2


  9. “Jo Shakhez Tumhari Nazron Se Tumhare Zaroorat Ko Samij Nahi Sakta
    Aus Sey Kuch Maang Kar Apnay Aap Ko Sharminda Na Karo”
  10. “Zindagi Mai Milta Bohut Kuch Hai
    Magar Hum Hisab Rakhtey Hai Iss Ka Jo Na Mil Saka”
  11. “Jo Dil Ke Achay Hotey Hai
    Dimaag Walai Aun ka Fayida Authatey Hai”
  12. “Waqt Gehray Samandar Mai Gira Huwa Moti Hai
            Jis Ka Dubara Milna Na Mumkin Hai”
  13. “Na Umeid Shakhez Har Acha Mooqa Gawa Deta Hai
      Aur Pur umeed Shakhwz Parashani Mai Be Mooqa Talaash Kar Lata Hai”
  14. “Zindagi Ki Sab Say Badi Fata Nafez Par Fata Pana Hai
      Agar Nafez Nay Dil Pey Kabu Paliya To Samjho Dil Murda Hai”
  15. “Agar Allah Nay Wo Liya Jisay Khonay Ka Aap Ka Tasawur Be Nahi Kar Saktey Thy
       To Yakinan Allah Wo Be De Sakta Hai Jisay Panay Ka Tasawur Be Nahi Kar Saktey.”
  16. “Kuch Baton Ka Jawab Khamoshi Hota Hai
       Aur Khamoshi Sab Sey Behtareen Jawaab Hai”
  17. “Insan Chand Par Puhnch Gaya
    Samander Ki Teh Tak Be Puhnch Gaya, Magar Afsoos
    Insan Insaniyat Tak Na Puhnch Saka”                                                                                              Click To Read : Extraordinary Attitude Status

         Sad and Emotional Love SMS | Love Messages—-2019 special

love messages

  1. “Zilat K Libaas Ka Koi Naap Nahi Hota
    Yeh Har Jism Par Pura Aajata Hai”
  2. “Sabr Ek Aisee Sawari Hai Jo Apney Sawar Ko b Girnay Nahi Deti
              Na Kisay K Kadmon Mai Na Kisay Ki Nazron Mai”
  3. “Waqt Aap Ko Bata Deta Hai Ki
    Log Kya Thy Aur Aap Kya Samijtey Thy”
  4. “Kisi Ka Dil Todkar Maafi Mangna Aasan Hai Lekin
    Apna Dil Tutnay Par Kisiko Maaf Karna Mushkil Hai”
  5. “Agar Tum Aus Waqt Muskura Sakty Ho Jab Tum Puree Tarah Toot Chukey Ho To
       Yaqeen Mano Duniya Ab Tumhe Koi Tood Nahi Sakta”
  6. “Dil Dukhaney Par B Jo Shakhez Aap Sey Siqayat Tak B Na Karsakey
                     Aus Shakhez Sey Zyada Mohabbat Aap Ko Koi Nahi Karsakta”.
  7. “Zingdagi Mai Agar Bura Waqt Nahi Aata To
        Apnu Mai Chupey Ghair Aur Ghairon Mai Chupey Apney Kabi Nazar Nahi Aatey”
  8. “Bashak Mushkil Waqt Bata Kar Nahi Aata Magar
             SikhaKar Aur SamjaKar Bohut Kuch Deta Hai”
  9. “Hamei Jis Sabak Ko Padney Ki Sabsey Zaroorat Hai
    Wo Sabak Insaniyat Ka Sabak Hai”
  10. “Koi B Cheez Insaan Ko Muft Nahi Milti
    Ek Sance B Tab Aata Hai Jab Ek Sance Choda Jata Hai”                                                    love messages
  11. “Galat Baat Par Gusa Aana Sharafat Ki Nishani Hai Lekin
    Us Gusay Ko Peejana Ek Moomin Ki Nishani Hai”
  12. “Such Boolney Say Insaan Ka Zehni Parayshani Sey Najaat Milti Hai
    Aur Uska Dil b Halka Hojata Hai”
  13. “Shak ki Dimaq Sadyon Puraney Taluqaat Ko B
    Hamasha K liyay Khokla Kar Deti Hai”
  14. “Rishtey Nibanay Ka Zarf Na Hoto
    Rishtey Bananey Sey B Gharaiz Kijiyay”                                                                              

                            Part 2         

  15. “Zilat Uthaanay Sey Behtar Hai Ki Takleef Uthaav”                                                          love messages
  16. “Doop Ka To Sirf Naam Badnaam Hai
    Jaltey To Loog Ek Dooseray Sey Hai”
  17. “Kisey Ko Chahtey Ho To Dil Sey Chaho
    Kisey Par Gusa Karo To Zuban Sey Karo Dil Sey Nahi”
  18. “Guna Karney Ka Mooqa Na Milna
    Allah Ki Niyamaton Mai Sey Ek Niyamat Hai”
  19. “Zindagi Sey Itna Pyaar Na Karo Ki Yeh Kisey Ko Wafa Nahi Karti
    Mout Ko B Na Boolu Ki Yeh Kisey Ko Dokha Nahi Deti”
  20. “Tum Paani Jaisa Bano Jo Apna Raasta Khud Banata Hai
    Pathar Jaisa Na Bano Jo Doosrun Ka Raasta Roq Leta Hai”                                                          
  21. “Jab Kehna Na Pawo To Ro Liya Karo
    Allah To Sab Kuch Jaanta Hai”
  22. Sabr Ki Do Suratey Hai:
    1. Jo Napasand Ho Usey Bardasht Karna
    2.Aur Jo Pasand Ho Uska Intizaar Karna
  23. “Waqt Sab Ka Aata Hai Bus Waqt Aaney Mai Waqt Kagta Hai
    Aaya Khali, Raha Khali, Aur Gaya Khali
    Hayrey Insaan Teri Khasta Hali”                                                                                    Read: Some Nice Status

              Breakup Love SMS | Love Messages —-2019 special

love messages

  1. “Mai Jyaanta Hon Mai Aus K Bina Jee Nahi Paonga
          Haal Aus Ka B Yahi Hoga Magar Kisi Auir K Liyay”
  2. “Jo Naseeb Mai Hai Wo Khud Chalkar Aayaga
       Jo Naseeb Mai Nahi Wo Aakar b Chala Jayaga”
  3. “Kaisay Chod Doon Tujsay Mohabbat Karna
      Tu Qismat Mai Nahi Sahi Par Dil Mai To Hai”
  4. “Mai Bura Ya Qismat Buri Yeh Faiosala Na Hosaka
         Mai Har Kisi Ka Hogaya Par Mara Koi Na Hosaka”
  5. “Udaasi Tum Pay B Beetay Gee To Tum Jaanjoogi
    Koi Nazar Andaaz Karta Hai To Kitna Dard Hota Hai”
  6. “Yun To Bohut Mujko Chood Gayay Chalay Gayay
    Par Tara Mujko Chood Jaana Quch Alaq Dard Dagaya”
  7. “Mai Har Kisi K Liyay Apnay Aap Ko Aacha Sabitna Karsaka
    Par Jo Mujko Samijtey Hai Mai Unkay Liyay Behtareen Hon”
  8. “Aitibaar B Bohut Tha Aur Ahtiyaat B Bohut Kiya
    Hotay Hotay Wo Shakhwz Aakhir Juda Hee Hogaya”
  9. “Milta B Nahi Koi Tumharay Jaisa Iss Shahar Mai
    Humain Kya Maloom Tha Tum Ek Ho Wo B Kisi Aur K”
  10. “Dil Nay Aaj Phir Teray Deedar Kee Khuwahish Rakhi Hai
    Agar Phursat Milay To Khawaab Mai Aajana”                                                                   love messages
  11. “Khushi Taqdeer Mai Honi Chahiyah Warna
    Tasweeron Mai Har Koi Khush Nazar Aata Hai”
  12. “Dar Hai Ki Bichad Na Jaayay Wo Shakhez Muj Say
    Zaamana Hamari Judaai Ka Talabgaar Bohut Hai”
  13. “Aaaj Joe Insaan Apko Waqt Nahi Deta
    Wo Kal Aapko Saath Kya Dega”
  14. “Jaani Jaati Hai Zindagi Ke Haqeeqat Iss Waqt
    Jab Koi Tumhara Tumharay Saamnay Tumhara Nahi Rehta”
  15. “Ahsaas Badal Jaatay Hai Aur Bas Kuch Nahi
    Warna Mohabbat Aur Nafrat Ek Hee Dil Say Hoti Hai”                                                                                                                                                                                    

                     Part 2: Breakup Love Messages

  16. “Kamaal Ka Shakhez Tha Wo Jisnay Merey Zindagi Taba Kee
    Raaz Kee Baat Yeh Hai Ki Dil Aajbee Ausay Khafa Nahi Hai”
  17. “Judaai Par Hee Qaayim Hai Nizamay Zindagani Bee
    Bichad Jata Hai Sahil Say Ghalay Milkar Pani Bee”
  18. “Zulum Itna Na Kar Ki Log Kahay Tumhe Dushman Mera
    Hum Nay Zamanay Ko Tumai Apni Jann Bata Rakha Hai”
  19. “Aaj Bee Pyari Hai Mujhe Tere Har Nishani
    Phir Chaahay Wo Dil Ka Dard Ho Ya Aankhon Ka Paani Ho”
  20. “Humnay Mohabbat Kay Nashay Mai Aakar Usay Khuda Bana Daala
    Hosh Tab Aaya Jab Usnay Kaha Ki Khuda Kisi Ek Nahi Hota”
  21. “Dam Toodh Jati Hai Har Shikayat Labon Par Aakar
    Jab Wo Masoomiyat Say Kehtay Hai Mai Nay Kya Kiya”

love messages

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