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Love status is the status that helps us to draw our love feelings through words, sentences, and phrases. Everyone has a love in his/her life with either girl or boy, with either relative or nonrelative, with either son or daughter etc. But we require to define but sometimes we don’t get words for expressing, at that time we go for love statuses. In this article, there is a collection of awesome love Status Of All Time For Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an app used to share anything with close friends or relatives. So copy these statuses and share with friends and see the flood of comments and likes.love status

  1. There is no sorry in love.
  2. Love is actually a faith between the two.
  3. First, make yourself patient and then love.
  4. In love, there are more confusions.
  5. Can I Barrow a kiss. I promise I will give you back.
  6. I will always be yours.
  7. Be mine I will be yours.  { Also Read Best Attitude Quotes for Whatsapp}
  8. There is no meter to measure love.
  9. I Smile because of you.
  10. There is none beautiful than you.
  11. I love you bcoz you are beautiful.
  12. Love is a part of life.
  13. There is no day, no hour, no minute and no second when I don’t Miss You!
  14. All Day I Dream About You!
  15. I sleep thinking about you.
  16. Some More Love Status For You

  17. Love if you really love her otherwise don’t play with her.
  18. Girls are pretty creatures.
  19. Girls have soft hearts, so please don’t play with it!
  20. Never let MISUNDERSTANDING to come in between you and your lover.
  21. Love me 4 a second, I will Love You Forever!
  22. For true love fight with the world.
  23. False love never comes back.
  24. True Love comes back.
  25. If your lover leaves you and then loves someone else, You are the luckiest person because it was not true love. She was just cheating you till now.
  26. The girl who weeps when you R in pain, iz your true love.
  27. The only way to realize whether a girl loves your heart or face is to make your face ugly.
  28. The person who loves you the most Also hurts you the most.
  29. Kiss me N you will not miss me!
  30. Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Love So Much, Don’t Care Too Much Becoz that Too Much will Hurt you So Much.
  31. Too Love never fails- Never Fades.
  32. The great thing about you is that you love Me!
  33. How Sharp is your love? Because you will have to kill enemies.
  34. You r my Destiny!
  35. My life starts with you, Move with you, and Finish with You! I Hope
  36. Some More Love Status For You

  37. I will wait for you forever!
  38. Nobody can separate you from me!
  39. The only thing that I can give is Too Much Love!
  40. Wealth has no role in Love. Ok!
  41. Everything happens for reason. So is the Love!
  42. In love: You Should not lie, You should not cheat and you should not make a promise that you cannot keep.
  43. Love requires your strength.
  44. Love is Lovely.
  45. We are made for each other.
  46. Promise Me! You will never leave me!
  47. Easy to begin but hard to quit is Love!
  48. Love me or Hate me But don’t play with me.
  49. Your name is my FAVOURITE WORD.
  50. You are my life! I cannot live without you.
  51. You cannot be good for everyone but you should be always good with your partner!
  52. Life is awesome because of your love!

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