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Sad status Article: Hello friends, in this article we would share some sad status with you. It is hard to forget someone who is very close to tour heart. The pain of the breakup is unbearable. So type your sad feelings and share with your friends through Facebook and Whatsapp. In this article, we have collected some sad statuses that may be similar to your feelings. Correlate them and Share.

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Life passes through different situations and in these situations a sad situation is often associated with life. During this phase, a person feels isolated. To share the sad feelings, we have collected a great collection of sad statuses.

New Sad Statuses

  1. Every time I trust the people, they show me why I shouldn’t.
  2. It is sad to be happy alone.
  3. Being too sad is not a good attitude.
  4. I am in pain but I can bear it safely.
  5. Sometimes silence is the best remedy for pain.
  6. Sadness is not good for health.
  7. The only treatment for sadness is to be happy in whatever life gives you.
  8. Life has two images one Happy and the other sad.
  9. Happy people can go into sadness while sad people can go to happiness.
  10. If you fall in love be ready for tears. { Also Read: [Awesome] Love Status Of All Time For Whatsapp}
  11. I have just made my heart stony to avoid love.
  12. Love is sweet but bitterest too.
  13. If you are a man then show me how U can survive from love disease.
  14. You should have firm trust in yourself!
  15.  I tried my level best to help my friend but I couldn’t save him.
  16. It hurts a lot when you get negative comments from your loved ones.
  17. You cannot win a fight with your loved ones becoz that is your own blood. You cannot fight vigorously with your own blood.
  18. Cry in front of your all relatives. Whosoever attempts you to not cry is your true relative others are so-called.
  19. If there were no bad time in life. One couldn’t have identified enemies in own relatives and friends in stranges.
  20. The pleasure of Love lasts a moment but pain of Love remains forever.
  21. I love tears because they heal my pain.
  22. You will never realize the value of what you have until the thing you have is no longer Yours!
  23. Be happy with what God has provided you! There is happiness.
  24. One of the hardest things to do is to delete old messages sent by GiRLFRIEND.
  25. I wish I had a delete button for my brain. I would delete all nuisance.
  26. If it is not happy ending than it, not an ending. { Also Read; Friendship Status [Latest] For Whatsapp}
  27. I hate the time when I couldn’t control my anger.
  28. You waste a lot of calories when you get angry. Try to save those calories.
  29. If people hate you, let them hate. It is their choice.
  30. Every night before sleeping focus what you did right that day and what you did wrong. You will be happy about what you did right and sad about what you did wrong.

 More Sad Status For Whatsapp 

  1. The relationship is good until there is no selfishness. If you notice selfishness in it, brake it like a glass and never try to collect it again bcoz it will hurt you.
  2. A single true friend is better than 1000 fake friends.
  3. I lost my honour! Can I get it back?
  4. 1 Million dollar advice! Avoid over expectations on others. When they aren’t fulfilled, they hurt you a lot!

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