30 Best One Line Status and Quotes On Life For Whatsapp 2019

One Line Status On Life

In this article, we have written some short but decent status called One Line Status On Life for you. These statuses are so interesting to read that you will not leave without reading all of them. You may share these with your friends and relatives on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Over the past couple of years, statuses have been proving to spring disturbed lives. The act as a tonic to brains. They are the realities. Here is our One-Line Status On Life:

One Line Status On Life
One line status


One Line Status On LifeNothing works unless we do!

  1. Nothing works unless we do!
  2. If you are unable to do you want, Than Do What You Can!
  3. Love is the most Strange Thing In The World!
  4. Unjust Law Is Not A Law!
  5. Preparation is the necessary factor for success!

    One Line Status on life
    One Line Status
  6. The Brightest Stars Shine In Immense Dark!
  7. For Me, Every Place is a palace!
  8. Diet Cures Than A Doctor!
  9. First Step In A Special Journey Is A Dream!
  10. People Talk About Fasting While Their Stomach Is Full.

    One line status on life
    One line status
  11. Keep Your Hopes Alive! These Act As Fuels Time To Time In In Your Successful journey!
  12. Consistency Is Necessary If You Want Success!
  13. Try To Do Things That Have Not Been Done!
  14. Hunger Makes Bigger Things Sweet!
  15. After all, it is only a single day you are living in that matters.

One Line Status On Life


One line status on life
One line status
  1. We Should Eat To Live But Live To Eat!
  2. If You are unable to do what you want then do what you can.
  3. Speak Less And Listen More!
  4. Distance Does Not Matter When Relation-Is True!
  5. You Can Escape From The Problem Only By Solving Iy!
  6. Pain Is Gain!
  7. Think Positive Good Things Happen!
  8. It is impossible To Have A Positive Life And Negative Thinking!
  9. Every New Day Is An Opportunity Knocking The Door!
  10. Always Make Friends Who Are Positive!
  11. Life Is All About Making An Impact Not Only About Making  MONEY!
  12. You Were Born To Do Something Great!

    One line status on life
    One line status
  13. Sometimes Silence Is The Best Answer!

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