25+ Questions To Ask A Girl In 2019 To Test Her

25+ Questions to ask a girl in 2019 are here in this post. Being myself in a relationship, I know what a caring boy thinks about her girl? It is certain that a boy has always doubts in his mind about his girl. He wants to clear all these doubts as early as possible in the relationship.

questions to ask a girl

Are you the one having the same doubts? Do you want to ask some questions to a girl? If yes then this article is for you. A boy wants to ask questions to his girl to clear doubts in a way that their relationship does not effect. Most guys ask questions in a very rude way that results in the breakage of relation. So guys need to take precautions while asking a question to a girl. Here are some ready-made questions that one can ask a girl.

                                Questions To Ask A Girl-Part 1 

Q1 = Who was the person Who you liked the most during school times?

questions to ask a girl

This question is a must one! She may not answer immediately but she has to. If she does not answer then she is hiding something from you. Leave her for some days and he will answer.

Q2 = Do you like anyone More Than Me?

questions to ask a girl

Ask this question to your girl. Know whom she likes more than you. If she says that she likes only you then you are the lucky guy. If she answers someone else, it is likely she is also loving him than you?

Q3 = What is the most horrible thing that happened to you in life?

This is a must ask question. Ask this question to her and learn what horrible has happened to her and how she reacted that horrible situation?

Q4 =What is your favorite food that you like on dating?

In order to know her choices, ask this question. At least you would get some idea of her taste?

Q5 =Do you like Bunking from college or not?

Before asking your girl to bunk from college, ask this question. If she likes you can ask her for the same if not find another way.

                                 5 Must Ask – 1

Q6 = Do you like to pick up calls during the night?

Before you try to call your girl at night, do ask this question. Most of the girls have separate rooms and sleep alone. They usually like to receive calls at night. Others may have someone’s company during the night. For them, it may not be good to call during the night. To avoid confusion ask this question?

Q7 = What is the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?

If that advice has proved good for the girl, she will proudly answer to this question? If that advice applies to you, she may not answer this question?

Q8 = Do you have any Facebook Account?

In order to send her a friend request on facebook, you must ask this question.

Q9 = How do you react to the people who cheat you?

questions to ask a girl

If you want to know, whether the gates of cheating are open or not, you must ask this question.

Q10 = What are the main reasons for having no relation till now?

She may make you aware of what she expects from the boys. Why she has turned down the boys till now. This will give you an idea about how to move along with her.

                Questions To Ask A Girl-Part 2


Q11 = Which is your best place to spend more time in?

Ask this question to know her best place? You can then offer her a visit to that place whenever possible.

Q12 = Tell me About your family?

To know her family, ask this question. You can at least know how many brothers she has and what they do.

Q13 = Who would be your best person to look for whenever in a problem?

Ask, and know whether she takes your name or not. If she takes your name, it means she trusts you and expects much from you.

Q14 = Which thing you like the most but never got that?

Answer of this question will give you an idea about what to present her in Gift.

Q15 = What according to you, boys should understand that they often Misunderstand?

questions to ask a girl


Be ready, the answer of this question will teach you a lot. But never ever go into the debate.


                            5 Must Ask – 2

Q16 = Would you like me to make any change for you?

If she is frank enough, she will tell you to change things that she wants you to change in. Change can be behavioral, physical etc. But most of the girls say No you are perfect.

Q17 = How do you feel, when your close ones avoid you?

Look whether how she feels when you may avoid her by chance or deliberately.

Q18 = Do you like to listen to the songs?

Know whether she likes to listen to the songs or not. If yes, you can keep the audio of the phone on when with her.

Q19 = Do you think of any mistake that you repent on?

Know whether she has made any big mistake and is now repenting on that. Try to solve that that mistake of her, you will win her heart forever.

Q20 = What is your favorite game?

Know what she likes in sports. Take her to the spot where that game is being played. She would become delighted.

                Questions To Ask A Girl-Part 3

Q21 = What memory do you keep going back to?

questions to ask a girl

Perfect to know a little bit more about her.  People have some serious memories with them. They never forget them. Probably because that memory has a deep connection with his\her emotions. Let’s know if she has any by asking the above question.

Q22 = Who is your favorite celebrity?

Everyone has a his\her favorite celebrity. Ask her which one she has? By answering you get at least an idea about what she likes. 

Q23 = If you have any secret and you are asked to tell it to a boy or a girl. Which one you will choose?

If she answers girl, it means that she trusts more in girls than boys and if she says a boy, it reflects he trusts boy more than girls.

Q24 = Who have been away from you for a long time and you are desperate to meet him\her?

Ask this question, and know the person she is missing a lot. You will get a little more knowledge about her.

Q25 = Which app do you often open in your smartphone?

This will give you a little more idea about what she likes in smartphones. This will give you an idea about what she is addicted to smartphones.

                       5 Must Ask – 3

Q26 = What is your favorite day of the year?

This will give you an idea about what day she likes of the year. You can keep that day in  mind\memory to make that a more beautiful for her by providing her surprises and gifts.

Q27 = Which Bollywood movie do you like the most?

questions to ask a girl

Bollywood is something that every girl likes. Tell your girl which movie she likes the most of Bollywood. You get an idea about her taste, You can also guess her favorite actor and actress as well.

Q28 = What childhood Memory is your best?

Everyone has some special childhood memories. Know which is her.

Q29 = If you had the power of President, What would you do first?

Know what she wants to do for humanity if she had a power. Get an idea about her thinking. Is it cheap or broad?

Q30 = What Website do you visit the most?

Check out that in your smartphone.

                   Questions To Ask A Girl-Part 4

Q31 = What was the best turning Point of your life?

Get what has made a decent impact on her life. Is it you or something else.

Q32 = Which men’s hairstyle do you like the most?

Made changes in your hairstyle. Upgrade it to what she likes. She will love your style.

Q33 = Is there anything that you often afraid about?

Look what she afraid about. Why she afraid. Has anything horrible happened to her?

Q34 = At what age you would like to Marry?

questions to ask a girl

Expect how many years you have to wait. If it too late, start giving her lessons about the advantages of marrying early.

Q35 = Do you like kids?

Does she like kids or not. You can expect the number of your babies.

Q36 = In Which Hotel you would like to have food often?

Prepare your pocket accordingly. More brand the hotel is more expensive it will be.

Q37 = Do you like to cook food at home?

This is really important. If it is yes, you are lucky. If it is No, be ready for readymade food.

Q38 = Which family you would like to have?

If joint=Your parents are safe if Nuclear=you got to decide between your girl and parents.

Q39 = How many I Love Us you have said till now?

Know your number.

Q40 = What is your favorite spot to kiss it?

Know which part she likes of men.

         Must Questions To Ask A Girl

  1. Do you want kids someday?
  2. Do you enjoy trying new things?
  3. What is your favorite song?
  4. Do you believe the life after Death?
  5. Do you forget things often?
  6. Which place do you like the most?
  7. Have you made travel in Aeroplane?
  8. Do you believe in God?
  9. Do You have any pets at home?
  10. Are you Fond of watching movies in cinema movies?
  11. When you get up in the morning?
  12. How much time do you take in bathing in the bathroom?
  13. What is your Date of Birth?
  14. Do you like me?
  15. Do you miss me at home?
  16. Who is your favorite cricketer?
  17. Do you like reading books?
  18. Which poet\poetess’s poems you li8ke to read?
  19. Is your favorite singer Pakistani or Indian?
  20. Who is your favorite Bollywood comedian?

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There are still a lot of questions that you can ask a girl. For now, these are enough. If you are on a first date, ask only some of these. Use further in coming meets. Whatsapp and Facebook can also be used to ask these questions.

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