50+ Updated Love status (Status love) for Facebook Whatsapp

status love

50+ Updated Love status (Status love) for Facebook & Whatsapp

The word love is simple to say but when it comes to its definition, it is very complicated.

You can’t describe it so simply. You feel short of words every time you try to describe it.

This is not happening just with you. It is the story of every person. Now, how you can one share his feelings of love, hurt of love or emotions of love.

status love
love status

In this case, love status (status love) help you. These are short sentences that describe your feelings easily and accurately.

Use Whatsapp, Whatsapp groups, Facebook and Facebook groups to share your emotions and feelings.

The response you get from the social media is tremendous. It behaves as your friend and comes up with best answers and replays.

Previously we posted some articles about love status. But this one is updated post about love status (status love). You will love to read these.

Updated Love status (Status love) for Facebook & Whatsapp

Here are the love status (status love) that you can share on social media:

status love
   love status
  1. When I see my phone vibration, every time I hope it is a text message from you!
  2. Love is like Breathing air-Effortless, Natural and Yet Essential To live!
  3. To love you is more than dream come true!
  4. It is not fair everything has a measure except Love!
  5. Suddenly-I started listening to all love songs! Is it love?
  6. I cannot fix all your problems but I promise I will not let you face them alone!
  7. Sometimes, I look at you very closely and I feel very lucky to get you!
  8. Every morning would be perfect if I woke next to you.
  9. I have love but I cannot explain it.
  10. I need your part, not for long, at least until my death!
  11. My Mission: To be busy in loving you that I have no time to worry, Regret and Fear!
  12. I fell in love with you I don’t know why but I felt.
  13. Dam! How can convince my Angry Bird (my lover)?
  14. I don’t need someone who sees good in me—I need the one you sees Bad in me and still want me.
  15. If you really love someone-Don’t tell them–Show them!
  16. Falling in love is By Chance but staying in love is By Choice.
  17. I love you perfectly in my own imperfect way!
  18. You edited my life beautifully!
  19. Love has no age, No-limit, and no Death.
  20. My happiness is you!
status love
                                love status

Really Cute Love Status(status love)-Updated


status love
  love status
  1. I don’t know when my life stated, but I know it will end with you.
  2. Today most of the relationships fail because Girls love too much-Boys love Too Many!
  3. All girls don’t look beautiful by Makeup–Some look by Simple Smile
  4. I am lost in Someone’s presence!
  5. Dil Ko ZubanAnkhon Ko Sapnay MilgayayAashiqi Mai Zindagi kay Mainay Milgay!
  6. Joo Waqt Beet Gaya Wo Dubaraa Kabi Laut Kay Nahi Aayega—-Itna To Tuu Bee Jaan Ley Is Dil Mai Tear Siwa Aur Koi Nahi Aayega! 
  7. Ankhon Mai Aansun Lekar Soyaa Na KaroMeri Jaan Ho Aap Roya Na Karo!
  8. Never ignore a person who loves you!
  9. If a hug would tell how much I love you–I would hold you forever in my arms!
  10. People who love you will always choose to stay with you even if you push them away!
  11. Even if I had millions of reasons to leave, I would still find one to stay!
  12. Before I met you, love was just a word for me!
  13. Love is a game that two can play and both can win!
  14. Hate is a burden to handle!
  15. Honey is the outcome of love!
  16. Your little smile is all I need to fight with all my struggles!
  17. Where there is love there is life.
  18. My favourite place is inside your arms!
  19. I know she is not perfect—But I am too happy with him!
  20. The doctor advised me Vitamin U.
status love
                         love status

Cute and Romantic Love Status(status love) 


status love
            love status
  1. I want to be in your arms where you hold me and never let me go.
  2. Distance is just a test how far love can go?
  3. I don’t need Paradise becoz I found You—I don’t need Dreams becoz I already have You!
  4. I wish I could delete the Distance Between Us.
  5. Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it!
  6. Rain falls on you the same way I fall for you over and over.
  7. You will find Better than me, Worse than me but Never find someone like me.
  8. Seems like I am losing myself every day when it comes to You.
  9. Trust takes Years to Build, Seconds to Break and Forever to Repair!
  10. When a Girl is in love, you can see it in her Smile–When a Boy is in Love, you can see in his Eyes.
  11. Sleeping is so hard when you can’t stop thinking about someone.
  12. Love me when I least Deserve it Because that is When I really need it.
  13. The desperate feeling in the Distance is that you don’t know whether she will Miss You or Forget You.
  14. Right in the middle of ordinary life, Love gave my life a new shape.
  15. It Hurts if Someone tells they don’t want you but it hurt more if they don’t tell you.
  16. I am 99% sure you can’t be mine but it is that 1% that keeps me going.
  17. When a Man truly loves a woman, she becomes her weakness, but a woman loves a man truly, he becomes her Strength.
  18. A Rich heart May Be Under A Poor Coat!
  19. Don’t waste your time in Explaining things, People only hear what they want to hear.
  20. Love is not finding someone you can live with, It is finding someone you can’t Live Without!

Love status (status love) quotes for her


status love
           love status
  1. You may remember a beautiful face for some days but a beautiful soul you remember forever!
  2. Are you a Magician because whenever I look at you, everything disappears!
  3. True love is rare but it is the only thing that gives life a real meaning.
  4. I hate you and then i love you, It is like I want to throw you off a cliff and then rush to the bottom to catch you.
  5. To love is nothing–To be loved is something–and to love and to be loved is everything.
status love
                         love status

This is what we have in status love collection edition. These are completely new and latest. 

Love is an amazing feeling. Sometimes love gives pain and problem. In that case, we have to be patient.

We have to read these love status (status love) collection and stable our heart and pain.

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