120+ Love Status That Will Help You To Impress A Girl

120+ Love Status That Will Help You To Impress A Girl

Today the demand for Love status is very much increased as the youth want to express love with their partners, parents, and relatives through social media sites like Whatsapp and Facebook. For those people, we have content that focuses on the topic of Love Status. Here we have written some extraordinary love status staff. You are free to share it. If your partner has left you for some reason, you can use this status to argue and motivate him/her. We also deal with awesome staff as:

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  9. Latest Extraordinary Attitude Status

Love Status in English

all love status

  1. When I Look Towards The Stars All I Can Think Is You and Me Among The Stars!
  2. I Wish I Could Describe The Feelings That I Had For Her! I Have No Words!
  3. The Scene I Hate The Most In This World Is When I See You With Someone Else!
  4. My Heart Melted In One Second When I Saw You!
  5. Two Things I Want In Relationship Are: 1.Lips That Won’t Lie 2. Love That Won’t Die!
  6. My Love Is Not A Fashion, It Is A Truth!
  7. Without You, My Life Is Boring And Dull!
  8. I Always Lose In Word Building Game, Because I Only Try To Make Your Word Name!
  9. It Is Sad When You Love Someone So Deeply But She Hates You As Much!
  10. Suicide Is Not The Result Of Love, It Is The Result Of Impatience!
  11. Misunderstanding Is The Major Enemy To Love!
  12. Love Is Insanity, Cured By Marriage!
  13. Life Is Meaningless Without Love!
  14. If Their Were No Love, Whatsapp And Facebook Would Have Faced Failure!
  15. Your name is my FAVOURITE WORD.
  16. You are my life! I cannot live without you.
  17. Life is awesome because of your love!

Awesome Love Status For Whatsapp and Facebook in English

  1. I am The Biggest Fan Of My Love!
  2. Accidents do happen and are hated the most, But I Thank The Accident Of Meeting You!
  3. Love is A Special Surprise!
  4. If You Missed To Love, You Missed The Most Delicious Part Of The Life!
  5. I Wanna Say You 1000Times That I love you!
  6. There Is No Reason For Why I Love You!
  7. Love Is Like A Rose In The Forest Of Thorns!
  8. Never Run After Your Love, If She Or He Loves You Really, It Will Always Be Yours!
  9. You Never Lose By Loving!
  10. Sometimes Love Brainwashes You!
  11. You And Your Love Is Enough For Me!
  12. Not Only Listen to Other’s Love Stories, Make Your Own One!
  13. Love Is A Power!
  14. Wealth has no role in Love. Ok!
  15. Everything happens for reason. So is Love!
  16. In love: You Should not lie, You should not cheat and you should not make a promise that you cannot keep.
  17. Love requires your strength.
  18. Love is Lovely.
  19. We are made for each other.

Best Love Status To Share With Your Girlfriend

all love status

  1. Promise Me! You will never leave me!
  2. You Can Be Safe If You Fall From Bridge But You Cannot Be Safe If In Love!
  3. I Feel Flowers In My Heart When You Say I Love You!
  4. My Hunger Is For You!
  5. I Started Living The Day I Met You!
  6. Love Your Life, It Will Love You Back!
  7. Love Is Never Lost, It Sometimes Seems To Be Lost But Eventually Comes Back!
  8. I will wait for you forever!
  9. Nobody can separate you from me!
  10. The only thing that I can give is Too Much Love!
  11. All Day I Dream Only About You!
  12. We Cannot Live Without Each Other Like Tom And Jerry!
  13. Our Relation-Is Like Tom And Jerry!
  14. I Am Incomplete Without You!
  15. When I Come Close To You, I Feel It Is Proton In The Field Of Electron!
  16. Meeting You Was My Fate, Making You Friend Was My Choice And Loving You Is Still A question?
  17. The Heart Without Love Is Barren!
  18. Love Happens Itself!
  19. The World Will Remain In Peace If It Is Filled With Love All Around!


all love status

  1. Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Love So Much, Don’t Care Too Much Becoz that Too Much will Hurt you So Much.
  2. Too Love never fails- Never Fades.
  3. The great thing about you is that you love Me!
  4. How Sharp is your love? Because you will have to kill enemies.
  5. You’re my Destiny!
  6. My life starts with you, Move with you, and Finish with You! I Hope
  7. I Wanna Love You Because I Cannot Live Without It!
  8. When I Love You I Fell I Am Doing My Best Work!
  9. My Heart Never Stops Beating Until I Cannot See You!
  10. My Love Is My Favourite!
  11. I Wish I Could Live Forever With You!
  12. My Life Is Inspired By Love!
  13. Love Is A Desire!
  14. When You Love, You Are Loved!, When You Hate, You Are Hated!
  15. Love People They Will Love You Back!
  16. Romance Is The Heart Of Love!
  17. If your lover leaves you and then loves someone else, You are the luckiest person because it was not true love. She was just cheating you till now.
  18. The girl who weeps when you R in pain, iz your true love.
  19. The only way to realize whether a girl loves your heart or face is to make your face ugly.
  20. The person who loves you the most Also hurts you the most.

Love Status In Both English And Hindi

  1. Kiss me N you will not miss me!
  2. Love Is The Answer To All Hate!
  3. Love Makes You More Happier Than Money!
  4. When You Will Die, I Will Die Also With You!
  5. When I See You, My Heart Turns Mad, My Eyes Turn Bright and My Legs Paralyse!
  6. There Is No Formula That Can Separate Two True Lovers!
  7. True Love Always Comes Back!
  8. khud me ham kuchh is kadar kho jaate hai
    sochate hai aapako to aap hee ke ho jaate hai.
  9. Zidagi K Wo Saaray Pal Delete Hojayay Kaash – Jo Pal Tujhe Muhsey Juda Karna Chaatay Hai.
  10. Mohabbat K Shahar Mai Kab Aur Kisay Chala Jatai Koi Pata Nahi – Yeh Wo Shahar Hai Jiskay Liyay Koi Passport Zaroorat Nahi.
  11. Ek Toohi To Ho Jo Mujhe Tanhayi Mai Satati Ho.
  12. True Love Stories Never Have Endings!
  13. He Is Not Lover Who Doesn’t Love Forever!
  14. Love Is The Most Craziest Thing On World!
  15. A Loving heart Is The Best Wisdom!
  16. People Should Love Each Other!
  17. Destroy Walls, Built Bridges Between You!
  18. Where There Is Love There Is True Life!
  19. Hamsafar Khubsurat Nahi Saccha Hona Chahiyay.
  20. Marna To Tujpar Lakhon Chatay Hai – Par Ek Mai Hon Jo Teray Saath Marna Chata Hai.

More Of Love Status In Hindi and English -Mixed

all love status
Love Status
  1. Tum Ho To Sab Kuch Hai – Tum Na Ho To Kuch Bee Nahi Hai.
  2. Love if you really love her otherwise don’t play with her.
  3. Girls are pretty creatures.
  4. Girls have soft hearts, so please don’t play with it!
  5. Never let MISUNDERSTANDING to come in between you and your lover.
  6. For true love fight with the world.
  7. False love never comes back.
  8. True Love comes back.
  9. Too Mujhe Mil Jaeyay Is Ka Mujhe Koi Chance Nahi Lagta – Par Dil ChahatA Hai Aakhere Saas Tak Tera Intizaar Karon.
  10. Hum Nai Jisay Chahatha Zindagi Ki  Ek Ek Lamhai Ki Khushi K liyay – Humhe Kya Pata Tha Ki Wo Juda Ho K Mujhe Udaas Karaga Zindagi Bar K Liyay.
  11. Hai Koi Lawyer Is Duniya Mai Jo Hara Huwa Ishq Jeeta Dai Mujko.
  12. Tu Mere JAAN hai. JAAN: Jeenayka Ak Aakhri Nishaan.
  13. Jo Mai Mar Jawon Too Kuch Mat Karna – Bas Ek Khawahish Poori Karna Ki Mujhe Seenay Se Laga Rakhna.
  14. The Beautiful Happiness In The Life Is To Love And Be Loved!
  15. True Love Comes Back!
  16. In Love, You Need To Have Patience!
  17. Agar Doo Sachi Mohabbat Karnay Walay Ak Dooseray Sey Juda KiYay Jata i Hai Wo Doonu Ek Dooseray Ki Yaad Mai Fana Hojatay Hai.
  18. Hota agar mumakin, tujhe saans bana kar rakhate seene mein
    Too ruk jaaye to main nahee, main mar jaoon to too nahee
  19. Aankhon ke andaaz badal jaate hain,
    jab kabhee ham unake saamane jaate hain!

Gorgeous Love Status

all love status
Love Status
  1. Khud Ko Samball Nahi Paogay Aus Din Jis Din Zindagi Mai Mariy Kamee Paogay.
  2. There is no meter to measure love.
  3. I Smile because of you.
  4. There is none beautiful than you.
  5. I love you bcoz you are beautiful.
  6. Love is a part of life.
  7. All Day I Dream About You!
  8. I sleep thinking about you.
  9. Mujhe Meray Kal Kee Phikr Aaj Bee Nahi Hai Par- Tujhe Paanay Kee Khawahish Qayamat Tak Rahegi.
  10. Qismat Walay Hotay Hai Wo Log Jinhe Sacha Pyaar Milta Hai.
  11. Agar Doo Sachi Mohabbat Karnay Walay Ak Dooseray Sey Juda KiYay Jata i Hai Wo Doonu Ek Dooseray Ki Yaad Mai Fana Hojatay Hai.
  12. In love, there are more confusions.
  13. Can I Barrow a kiss. I promise I will give you back.
  14. I will always be yours.
  15. Be mine I will be yours.
  16. Sacha Pyaar Kabi Marta Nahi.
  17. Pyaar Sacha Ho To Aur Zindagi Mai Kya Chahiyay.
  18. Agar Zindagi mai tume Sacha pyaar mila hai to tum kamyaab ho.
  19. Mai Aisa Gunah Karna Chahata Hon Jis Kee Saza Sirf Tum Ho.
  20. There is no sorry in love.
  21. Love is actually a faith between the two.
  22. First, make yourself patient and then love.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the love status blog post. Do share with your friends and relatives through Whatsapp and Facebook.


Status For Fb About Attitude, Love, Life and Sadness in English

Status For Fb: In this article, we have gathered some of the great status for FB. Whatsapp and Facebook users require a lot of statuses every day for sharing with friends. This article is recommended to them. It possesses a lot of Status For Fb. Keep your social media dynamic by upgrading profiles with these brand new 2019 statuses for FB, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

If you have a special profile status, you are likely going to have a good following. Your status reflects who you are, what you like and what you are interested in. Besides this quality of the profile picture also matters. the quality profile pic + Quality profile status make you a quality person.

status for fb

There are various types of statuses but Most used are Cool statuses, Love Statuses, Attitude Statues etc.

We use top trending languages {English & Hindi} in our articles. Thus these are suitable for both types of readers.

status for fb


                  Status For Fb About Attitude – Part 1


status for fb

  1. Life is like Bicycle riding, to keep balance you must keep moving!
  2. Life is awesome with good parents.
  3. Each new day is an opportunity to start life in a new way.
  4. Each day gives you light to do better for life.
  5. हम ज़रा सा खफ़ा क्या हो गए? जिसे देखो वो तुम्हारा हो गया
  6. If there are many like me… So how much will your thinking be
  7. Lions are born not created!
  8. The person who is in my lawsuit will come and walk himself.
  9. Change thinking, changing person will not take much!
  10. Past cannot be changed, but we can learn from it to make a bright future.
  11. Every question has an answer but sometimes silence is the best answer!
  12. Tomorrow is actually a new chance.
  13. There is no need for conspiracies to win hearts!
  14. They tease you who cannot match you ever!
  15. शब्द नहीं लहजा होता है जो चुभता है
  16. Don’t trust on Hathon kee Lkeer Trust the one who created them!
  17. People forget the true love, I am not forgetting her false love!
  18. It’s not your letter to write your fate yourself.
  19. Life is short, enjoy it from right now.
  20. We learn from mistakes!
  21. Everyone has eyes to see but everyone may have a different point of view.
  22. Be happy for those who do not want to see you happy!
  23. Bow down for love and respect and do not ask for love and respect!
  24. Your heart is pure, don’t make it impure by adding girls.

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            Status For Fb About Attitude-Part 2

status for fb

  1. Some people are very poor that only have money to show.
  2. Sorry! I can not test my personality!
  3. Now it is necessary to have the talent to change face to walk with time.
  4. If you compare your life with others, you will never be happy.
  5. You can do anything but not Everything.
  6. I heard people give life in love, who do not give their time, what will they give?
  7. Life is boring without you.
  8. Nobody recognized me, some were blind, some were in the darkness!
  9. I am a small but the world says no answer to you!
  10. If you stay away from the mean people, You will find life is not so bad.
  11. If time supports you, nobody would defeat you!
  12. status for fb
  13. Life does not give what you look for, Instead, it gives you what you do for.
  14. Every goodbye opens the road to a new Hello.
  15. we are poor people, to leave expensive things is in our genes!
  16. Those who lose in the first love, they become amazing in another love
  17. If you stay in the same way, you will not see the other way.
  18. People have become very smart, they keep the relationship to the same as far as what they want is meant.
  19. Every bad time has an ending.
  20. Don’t make your life tough for others.
  21. Things that decide your fate are DECISIONS. So take wise decisions.

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                  Status For FB About Love-Part 1

status for fb

This is a section of the article containing status for FB about love. We have 2 parts of status for FB about love. This is part 1 as indicated in the heading. Following part 1 of love status for FB will be part 2. Keep reading our article.

  1. I do not know whether it is love or it’s nice to think about you all the time.
  2. In the things that have passed in 2018, please pray, 2019 is the year of the arms and hugs!
  3. I did not know what was happening, you met and became lively in my heart forever!
  4. Ishaq and Ibadat should be clear and clean!
  5.  I Love you more than you think!
  6. The relationship between you and my heart is so strange that the miles of distances are still the nearest!
  7. My heart is not mine as much as it is yours!
  8. I love two things – one thing to talk to you and the other to talk about you!
  9. Your smile is my life, smile so that I may live!
  10. You keep sitting in front of me and I keep looking at you!
  11. you are my heartbeat which is necessary for my life!
  12. Even knowing that we are not in the destiny of each other, still love is increasing day by day!
  13. Reason for hatred should be because love is without reason!
  14. She is not a murderer, but it seems she has taken life!
  15. If you do not talk then the heart becomes very sad!

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        Status For FB About Love-Part 2

status for fb

  1. How strange is the relationship between the two of us, cannot come close and cannot stay away!
  2. I’m very careless but I’m very worried about you!
  3. It is not possible to forget you now, your love will be lost with my death only now.
  4. Let’s see how we both will be separated, you believe in writing Mukkadar, we will try Dua!
  5. There was no shortage of my loved ones again why this stranger settled in my heart!
  6. There is no proof that you are mine … ..the relationship of heart only goes by faith!
  7. You keep hating me, continue till doom, I will not resign from love, I will not give up till death.
  8. Millions make up the world together but my world is just you!
  9. When you care about me, just take care of yourself.
  10. status for fb
  11. People call us mad, do they know we are in love!
  12. More than myself, I have loved you!
  13. What is that dua … in which you are not included!
  14. My heart just beats for you!
  15. Falling in love is like rain. It’s unpredictable
  16. love is a passion that is not understood in words!
  17. Don’t cheat. If you’re not happy just leave.
  18. First love is very special, but very few people have!
  19. Even when I am in love, I keep on hiding from you, ignoring you and then hiding and watching.
  20. Listen to the chest, the beats that are waiting for you to meet!

status for fb

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Love is an awesome emotion. It brings two strange people together, builds a peak relationship between the two and never lets them leave one another. But the couple must be courageous to absorb the pains that it gives sometimes. Make your one delighted all day night with this status for FB we just mentioned above. 

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