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Today in this article we write some Whatsapp Chutkule{jokes}. We know the life has become very busy and depressed for the new generation. Despite living in a computer era present generation is feeling depression due to a busy life. For these friends, we have collected some funny WhatsApp Chutkule. Let’s go to them directly:

Whatsapp Chutkule


Whatsapp Chutkule

  1. It Is Ok if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste!
  2. मुझे लंबी सैर पसंद है, खासकर जब उन्हें उन लोगों द्वारा लिया जाता है जो मुझे परेशान करते हैं।
  3. The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30 percent of their ice cream.
  4. Save Water Drink Beer!
  5. I would love the girl who looks pretty in Adhaar Card!
  6. All Day I Dream About Nothing!
  7. I Todays Relationship you can touch each other but not each other’s phone!
  8. I am Very Tasty, Who Will Taste Me AMong You!
  9. Hey Girl! You Are Looking Pretty Ugly In This Beautiful Dress!
  10. Mai Nay TO Dil Lagaya Tha Wo To Chuna Laga Gayi!
  11. Muje Tab Tak Tumsey Pyaar Hai Jab Tak Tume Mere Chadchhad Pasand Hai!
  12. Mai Tume Kabi Nahi Chodon Ka Mere Sapna! Kyonki Mujhe Tumsey Behad Chadchaad Hai!
  13. Tum Ho To Sirf Mai Hon, Tum Na Ho To Loi Aur Hai!
  14. Do Pyaar Karnay Walon Ki Aadi Zindagi Ek Doosrey Ko Block Unblock Karnay Mai Nikal Jaati Hai!
  15. Doo Pyaar Karnay Walon Sey Poochu Richarge Kitna Lagta Hai!

Very Funny Whatsapp Chutkule

  1. PYAAR: Padnay say Chutkara-Yaadon Ka Aagaaz-Aaram Ka Aand-Aakhon Mai Aasoon-Recharge Kay Baaday Pack!
  2. Mara Dil To Samandar Jaisa Hai Lekin Abi Tak Is Mai Koi Machli Nahi Hai!
  3. Doo Pyaar Karnay Walon Say Poochu Neend Kya Hiti Hai!
  4. Doo Pyaar Kartnay Wolan Say Poochu Books Kya Hoti Hai!
  5. Agar Tum Zindagi Say Khush Nahi Ho To Pyaar Karo!
  6. Girlfriend Means Get Every Fun!
  7. Iss Country Mai Lady Doctors Ko Ban Karo, Phir Class Mai Koi Nahi Kahai Go Sir Mujhe Doctor Bana Hai!
  8. Is Duniya Mai Sabsay Badi Jung Pyaar Hai!
  9. Nothing Is Lost Until; Mom Can’t Find It!
  10. Our Family Is Like A Workshop Where A Husband Works And Wife Shops!
  11. Guess Why? Class Mai Neend Kyon Aati Hai Aur Bed Par Nahi!
  12. If Money Grew On Tress Than Girls Would Date Monkeys!
  13. Harami Facebook Par Sirf Good Morning Aur Good Night Dehnay Ko Milta Hai. Good Death Kabi Nahi Dikha!
  14. Mai Wasiyat Karta Hon Ki Meray Marnay Ke Baad Mara Facebook Account Meri Biwi Ko Diya Jayay, Wo Bee Heart Attack Say Marjayegi!
  15. What If Girl could read mind-every second a boy gets slapped!

Very Funny Whatsapp Chutkule

  1. Installing Love Now-a-Days= 40% Installing… Please Wait– error 404- Install Money And Jio Phone First!
  2. I love My Six Packa Because They Save Me In Bed!
  3. If You Want To Your Girlfriend Breakup With You-Just Become Poor!
  4. Most Horrible Thing: Couldn’t Connect To Internet, Check Your Plan!
  5. Never Give Up On Your Dreams Keep Sleeping!
  6. I am Sorry, But It Was Your Fault— I Never Understood This!
  7. I Wish Someone Give Me Loan And Then Leave Me Alone!

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